JFrog pulls together products, spawns ‘joyful’ DevOps platform

JFrog pulls together products, spawns ‘joyful’ DevOps platform

JFrog promised not just one-stop DevOps but actual joy for users this week as it completed the integration of the Shippable technology it acquired last year into a unified platform.

The company took the wraps off its JFrog DevOps platform, describing it as  “the world’s first universal, hybrid, end-to-end DevOps platform.”

CEO Shlomi Ben Haim claimed in a blogpost that the platform, which is centered on the firm’s venerable Artifactory artifact repo manager, “brings all JFrog products under an advanced, all-in-one, end-to-end experience for “one-stop DevOps.” 

The big new addition is the full integration of JFrog Pipelines, which represents the “fruition” of JFrog’s acquisition of Shippable in 2019. Ben Haim said Pipelines was “a centralized cloud-native CI/CD product that can be scaled across thousands of concurrent pipelines, universally supporting DevOps workflows across an entire organization and delivering orchestration and visibility at unmatched scale from code to production”.

With the addition of Pipelines, he continued, “The JFrog Platform enables binary/package management, DevSecOps, CI/CD, and software distribution solutions through a single, unified experience and enables Continuous Software Release Management flow.

JFrog promises that Pipelines integrates with “most DevOps tools” while “The steps in a single pipeline can run on multi-OS, multi-architecture nodes, reducing the need to have multiple CI/CD tools.

Just as a reminder, in addition to Artifactory and Pipelines, the company’s products include XRay, Distribution, and Mission Control.

Within the platform, all of these are brought “under a single set of controls to provide developers and administrators with a seamless DevOps experience” making “the DevOps journey a joyful ride.”

This also means unified permissions, with “one-stop permission management across all services, enabling simplified administration through a single account.”

Similarly, the platform promises “unified data”, joining all “services, package management, and security metadata for maximum SecOps visibility and traceability”.

The launch of the unified platform should kick off a big year for JFrog. The firm is tipped to go for an IPO this year, like its fellow repo to everything vendor GitLab amongst others. Of course, with financial markets worldwide in freefall amidst fears about the coronavirus, we’ll have to wait and see what appetite for tech offerings there really is or whether the smart money switches into surgical masks and hand gel.