Icinga debuts DB RC1, promises speed…lots of speed

Icinga for Windows

The Icinga project has renamed its Data Output feature and given it a version number of its very own, in the form of Icinga DB RC1.

The monitoring platform’s Feu Morek said in a blog today that, “Icinga DB is the replacement for our IDO (Icinga Data Output).”

As for why users should care, it comes down to one thing…”SPEED. Especially for larger environments.“

According to the GitHub page for Icinga DB, “It serves as a synchronisation daemon between Icinga 2 (Redis) and Icinga Web 2 (MySQL). It synchronises configuration, state and history of an Icinga 2 environment using checksums.”


It  also supports reading from multiple environments and writing into a single MySQL instance, the page continued.

A large part of the “promised” speed increase is down to the use of the in-memory database Redis for writes, instead of MySQL. 

“From there the data is read and analysed by the daemon and written to MySQL via filters and checksums,” the blog continued. “This way MySQL only stores the important changes, for example, the event on which a state switched, instead of a thousand similar entries.”

The announcement of the DB RC1 comes as the team takes the wraps off v2.12-RC 1. Apart from Icinga DB, the new version includes a bug fix for JSAON-RP crashes.

There is also a fix for zone definitions within zones, while the team has added the pki verify command for better TLS certificate troubleshooting.

The monitoring module is replaced with a web module, which brings features including multiple list layouts, cleaner detail views, and modal dialogs. It also offers bulk operations, which allows users to set filters for hosts or services to operate on, rather than enduring “shift-click” nightmares.

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