Azure Pipelines has mid-week slowdown as tech world goes remote

Azure Pipelines has mid-week slowdown as tech world goes remote

The worldwide switch to remote working has had an inevitable effect on Microsoft’s Azure platform, with a number of services developers rely on showing wobbles this week.

AWS is also seeing selected problems [see update below}, while Google’s Cloud – the third place contender – appears to have been relatively unruffled so far.

The Covid-19 crisis has forced large amounts of the world’s desk-based workers to stay at home – which mainly means online – often cheek by jowl with their student or school age children.

Microsoft Teams had a few tremors last week, just before the UK’s school children flocked to it en masse. This week saw apparent service disruptions to other Azure services, such as Azure Functions and its VM service, which would be more of a concern to enterprise tech users, as our friends at The Register reported on Tuesday.

Tuesday saw reports of problems with Azure DevOps, and Azure Pipelines in particular in Europe, and these seem to have carried on yesterday – though not according to Azure’s status page.

However, over on Twitter, the Azure DevOps team acknowledged a service interruption while reassuring users that: “Our engineers are actively working to find the root of the issue and be able to sort it out.”

Over at Microsoft sub GitHub, Actions took a hit on Sunday, while Webhooks had a wobble on Monday.

While Microsoft has attracted the most attention, AWS has not been entirely immune, with StatusGator warning of “‘increased error rates for builds” yesterday [see update below], while DownDetector showed a spike in issues yesterday evening, UK time.

And yesterday afternoon, Google had appeared to have a blip.

These are unusual times though, and so far users appear to have been relatively sanguine about matters, while no doubt looking forward to the time when normal service will be resumed. Whenever that will be.

Update: An AWS spokesperson has been in touch to say that the increased error rates for builds related to a single service, AWS CodeBuild, in a single region and was resolved within two hours.

The spokesperson added, “We have taken measures to prepare and we are confident we will be able to meet customer demands for capacity in response to COVID-19.”