StorageOS hits the big 2.0 as it targets more ‘mature’ clusters

StorageOS hits the big 2.0 as it targets more ‘mature’ clusters

StorageOS has shipped a release candidate of v2.0 of its Kubernetes persistent storage platform bringing a brace of new features over the previous version, 1.5, which shipped last November. 

The London-based developer said the latest full digit release – which shot out on March 31 – was developed to take account of some key trends in cloud native storage over the last year.

These include users increasingly running multiple cluster deployments “in various patterns” and wanting storage to connect across all of them, as well as bigger Kubernetes clusters with more nodes requiring storage to scale to match. Users are also demanding production grade storage as they deploy more “mature” Kubernetes environments.

Meanwhile, StorageOS added, complex Kubernetes deployments can be “unpredictable” with users demanding storage that can handle replication and failover.

Hence the two new features in v2.0. StorageOS Delta Sync promises to reduce “time to recovery allowing rapid cluster convergence by only replicating the missed data to the node.” This should make recovery times more predictable, even as clusters gain more moving parts, with the inevitable increase in network interruptions and node reboots.

The second new feature is the addition of encryption in transit with traffic between nodes now encrypted and authenticated, with certificates managed by StorageOS’ internal certificate authority.

Other changes related to etcd.  The latest version does not provide an embedded etcd server unlike its predecessors, and users will need to set up an etcd server for StorageOS to use prior to installation.