Qt 5.15 has springtime slip, v6 on track for year end…


The next LTS release of Qt appears to have slipped a couple of weeks, according to the latest roadmap unfurled by the Qt company.

But those impatient for v6 of the C++ framework should still see it by the end of this year, according to the post by Tuukka Turunen.

In the post today, Turunen said that “Qt 5.15 LTS is in the final steps of development, with three beta releases already out.” The final release of Qt 5.15.0 is planned “for the end of May” he continued.

Previous statements had pencilled in a mid May release. The first beta appeared at the end of February, with a release candidate scheduled by the end of April.

“For commercial license holders, Qt 5.15 LTS will be supported for three years, just like the Qt 5.12 LTS and Qt 5.9 LTS,” Turunen continued. “For open-source users, Qt 5.15 a regular Qt release without the long-term support, just like Qt 5.14 and Qt 6.0.”

May will also see the release of Qt Design Studio 1.5, which integrates 2D and 3D design tooling, with further releases in the second half slated to “further improve the unified 2D and 3D design experience and other features of the Qt Design Studio.”

“To extend the available graphical design tool integrations, we are planning to provide additional integrations to new tools such as Adobe XD. Improvements to asset import formats are also in the works, especially for formats such as FBX and glTF commonly used in the creation of 3D applications.”

On Qt Creator, the project’s main developer tool, Turunen wrote, “Currently, we are focusing on improving our C++ support through Clang, in Qt Creator and in the other tools. An update of Clang in Creator will enable C++20 support once it’s available. The translation tool lupdate will benefit from Clang when we enable a clang-based parser for C/C++.”

Looking further out, Qt 6 is still slated for the end of this year, and Turunen said the initial focus would be on the Qt Essentials functionality. “We want to ensure that we can finish all the needed changes before Qt 6.0 is released in order to be able to keep binary and source compatibility throughout the entire Qt 6 series. We are crafting Qt 6 to be the platform for the needs of the 2020’s – with Qt 6.0 being just the start of the awesome journey.”