Atlassian looks to beef-up ITSM portfolio with Mindville acquisition


Software development and collaboration tooling provider Atlassian has continued its shopping spree, acquiring asset tracking and config management developer Mindville just two months after putting Halp in the trolley.

Sweden-based Mindville is mostly known for its Insight product, which aims to add enterprise asset management to the Atlassian platform, and for its network scanning tool, Insight Discovery, that was built to improve customer’s insight into available assets and services. According to Atlassian both are “a cornerstone of IT Service Management”. 

However, when it comes to configuration management, Atlassian isn’t really a business that springs to mind, which is where Mindville will likely jump in and help “bolster” its new parent’s portfolio. Mindville already counts Intel, NASA, and Spotify amongst its customers. 

Subscribers worrying about Mindville’s future are assured that “as of now, there are no changes” and that they should be able to use Insight “as you have been”. Concerning the rest of the portfolio, Mindville said that “Insight Discovery licenses will continue as they have, you can still trial and purchase the software through the Atlassian Marketplace, and the Integrations are still downloadable for free”. 

The roadmap for Insight will still be honoured, the companies said, and more general software improvements are planned. Currently, the roadmap lists a map report type as being in progress, while workspaces for Insight are planned to land within the next 12 months. 

Beyond that, improvements for Insight permissions, a workflow engine, Jira project templates for HR, and modules for automation actions and attribute types are part of the long-term agenda. The acquisition related FAQs also mention better integration with Jira, which will probably wander up the priority list, and promises accelerated development of apparently much requested Insight for Jira Cloud features.

Monetary details of the deal haven’t been published. In the last one and a half years, the company seems to have been on the acquisition trail, for example buying “conversational ticketing” company Halp, and analytics specials Good Software to bolster the user experience for those not really into command line interfaces and the like. The takeover of automation expert Code Barrel in 2019 led to the roll-out of no-code automation engine Jira Automate earlier this year.