Kong climbs down the stack to add UDP to its API gateway


Kong’s eponymous Gateway product has now reached version 2.2, with the company promising wider protocol support, more granular and dynamic configuration for data paths, new Go plugin functionality and a bevy of other minor tweaks.

Kong Gateway 2.2 has added UDP to the existing support for TCP streams, HTTP/HTTPS, REST and qRPC APIs. This provides for many content streaming protocols and various other services such as gaming and finance. Kong Gateway supports proxying and in particular load balancing for UDP, which as a connectionless protocol is especially suitable for such performance managing techniques.

Go plugin support, first introduced in version 2.0, has been enhanced, with upstream responses now available through a new callback, exposing headers and other data for downstream processing. Kong Gateway has become considerably more polite about route buffering, which can now be selected dynamically on a per-route basis rather than being switched on or off globally through a configuration file change. This, the company said, makes endpoints tunable for optimal performance on traffic type and payload.

Another user-requested feature to appear is automated loading of OS certificates, which along with other new certificate management options makes it much easier to support HTTPS on the open Internet as well as private, intracompany certification.


With a host of other fixes and improvements in areas such as rate-limiting, hashing behaviour, API consistency, logging and the other impedimenta of running a gateway, Kong reckoned it is keeping to its quarterly upgrade cadence with significant improvements.

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