HashiCorp adds some flourish to managed offering and Terraform portfolio

HashiCorp Vault

HashiCorp has started off the new year by advancing its cloud projects and improving Terraform Enterprise for reliability and scale.

For the latter, it introduced a new architecture that allows the deployment of Terraform Enterprise across two instances, a feat which seems to have been especially high on the most-wished-for list among HashiCorp customers. Customers who are familiar with the old reference architectures are said to be able to “easily extend” their old setups. 

The new approach is meant to provide zero downtime from loss of application nodes, and the ability to scale horizontally beyond just one node, so it might be worth a look if you’re working with Terraform Enterprise anyway.

Speaking of Terraform, the project also made a bit of progress in its attempts to make the infrastructure-as-code tool more attractive to those who’d like to define their infra in a language they’re more familiar with, rather than JSON or HCL. An initiative for that was started in July 2020 in the form of the Cloud Development Kit, or CDK for short, for Terraform, which just hit 0.1

It’s the 20th release of the tool and includes not only Terraform Cloud support with a remote execution mode but also adds C# as a configuration language. Earlier versions already allowed users to choose between TypeScript, Python, and Java. The current version also fixes a security issue, and includes a dependency update as well as feature flags in Java templates and tests, so those already using it might want to consider updating to the latest CDK.

Teams who have been searching for reasons to give HashiCorp’s Cloud Platform a try might be interested to hear that HCP now offers a managed beta version of the company’s secret management service Vault. The initial offering is still a bit sparse with one cluster size only which are all located on AWS region us-west-2. The company, however, promised to add support for other regions, platforms, and configurations as the beta phase progresses.