Atlassian buys analytics and virtualisation outfit Chartio


Software development tooling company Atlassian has confirmed the purchase of visualisation and analytics service provider Chartio. 

According to Dave Fowler, Chartio CEO, negotiations started late last year and it was Atlassian’s “massive reach” and shared philosophy that he says tempted him to do a deal. 

Chartio was founded in 2010 with the goal of making business intelligence and analytics more accessible to anyone outside the data team that wants to scrutinise application data. The plan at Atlassian is to fit the portfolio with data visualisation capabilities, starting with issue tracking system Jira. 

Atlassian’s head of product Zoe Ghani wrote in a blog post that “Atlassian products are home to a treasure trove of data, and our goal is to unleash the power of this data so our customers can go beyond out-of-the-box reports and truly customize analytics to meet the needs of their organization.” 

While this sounds like good news for users of Atlassian products, Chartio subscribers were told that Chartio is ceasing its standalone service from 1 March 2022. According to Fowler, this was necessary as his team “needs to be singularly focused on the mission of delivering powerful cross-product analytics and visualization to the Atlassian platform”. 

Chartio’s website states that migration to another analytics product will be necessary. A guide with some pointers on that, along with information on how to extract data from the platform and how to officially close an account can be found in the product’s documentation.

Financial details of the deal have yet to be disclosed.