CLion 2021.2 Beta previews upcoming release

JetBrains has released CLion 2021.2 Beta, a preview of the changes coming in the upcoming version of its cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) for C and C++.

Announced on the CLion blog, the main highlights of the Beta comprise several improvements in code completion, fixes such as an issue in the Catch2 integration with incorrectly parsed backslash characters in Catch’s XML output, and postfix code completion now works for literals.

On the code completion side, the improvements consist of user feedback on behaviour – such as suggesting symbols or namespace qualifiers for the namespace when the namespace is not specified, or allowing the user to overtype an automatically inserted semicolon in keywords, to avoid there being a double semicolon in the resulting code.

Meanwhile, Postfix code completion allows the developer to transform an already typed expression to a different one based on the postfix you type after the dot.

With this release, JetBrains has also included a few features from its IntelliJ platform. For example, if the developer desires certain operations to be performed on Save, these can now be configure all in one place in Settings/Preferences > Tools > Actions on Save.

For CLion 2021.2, JetBrains says it has also expanded the list of possible pre-commit actions with the ability to execute tests. These can be acceded by ticking the Run Tests checkbox and selecting the configuration to run.

Customers interested in trying out the CLion 2021.2 Beta ahead of the production code as part of the CLion Early Access Program can download it here from the JetBrains web site.