Make quick sense of the data deluge

Make quick sense of the data deluge

Sponsored Post: Trying to make sense of the deluge of data being thrown at your organization, but struggling to find the right management and analytics tools? Neo4j might have the answer in the form of its scalable, graph database management system, which is an open source project offering a Community Edition that’s free for developers working on small projects or larger enterprises that want to test its capabilities.

Neo4j Graph Database & Analytics is a suite of products designed to help you better understand connected data applications. At its core is the Neo4j Graph Database, which maps both data and data relationships to scale up the number of queries it can handle, at much faster speeds than relational database equivalents.

It also includes Neo4j Graph Data Science – an enterprise-ready analytics workspace for graph data – the graph visualization and exploration tool Bloom, the Cypher query language, and numerous tools, integrations, and connectors designed to help developers and data scientists easily build graph-based solutions.

The Neo4j Graph Database has already been put to work in dozens of use cases, including fraud detection, financial services, life sciences, and data sciences, and is currently used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-government organizations, says Neo4j.

Comcast, Zurich Insurance Switzerland, Levi Strauss & Co, eBay, UBS, Volvo, AstraZeneca, Lockheed Martin, and the Department of Education UK are just a few of the organizations which have used Neo4j to map the relationships between their applications and visualize the data they hold to help them improve their IT operations.

Although it happily runs in on-prem, private cloud, and hybrid environments, over half of the customers using Neo4j host the software in public clouds, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (other public cloud provider options are available). The company also offers Cloud Managed Services to help customers migrate, host, and manage their Neo4j applications off-prem.

You can register to download the Neo4j Desktop Software by clicking this link.

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