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Employing your cloud data warehouse to scale up AI/ML

SPONSORED FEATURE: Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky famously said: “I skate to where the puck is going, not […]

Preserving the magic of free: new types of licenses will not solve open source business model, says Percona founder

A new type of license will not solve the business model of open source, Percona founder Peter Zaitsev […]

SQLite’s new support for binary JSON is similar but different from a PostgreSQL feature

Version 3.45 of SQLite adds support for JSONB, a binary representation of JSON for internal use, but the […]

Database management the easy – and professional – way

SPONSORED FEATURE: That proverbial big red “Easy” button should never be dismissed when it comes to running critical […]

Amazon discontinues Aurora scale-to-zero database in favor of always-billed replacement

Amazon Web Services will discontinue the Aurora Serverless version 1 database manager. Customers will need to migrate to […]

Docker buys AtomicJar to integrate container-based test automation

Docker has bought AtomicJar along with its Testcontainer projects, giving Docker a better test story but raising concerns […]

AWS promotes cell-based architecture for ‘resilience at scale’

Attendees at the Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent conference, well under way in Las Vegas this week, were encouraged […]

Decreasing data warehouse downtime

SPONSORED FEATURE: When data warehouses were first developed, people used them for decision support – the sort of […]

AWS previews Amplify 6 JavaScript library, hints at CodeWhisperer Enterprise

AWS is updating its Amplify JavaScript library to version 6, adding Next.js support, stronger TypeScript support, and smaller […]

Deno adds scaleable messaging with new Queues feature, sparks debate about proprietary services

Deno has previewed Queues, a messaging system which enables asynchronous processing of long-running tasks. Queues are built on […]