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Google Project IDX remote development environment now in open beta – but without iOS simulator

Google has opened its Project IDX browser-based remote development environment to public beta, as well as adding integration […]

Supabase moves out of beta, adds supports for Swift, plugs in Oriole storage engine

Supabase, described by its developers as an open source alternative to Google’s Firebase, has moved to general availability […]

Employing your cloud data warehouse to scale up AI/ML

SPONSORED FEATURE: Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky famously said: “I skate to where the puck is going, not […]

Preserving the magic of free: new types of licenses will not solve open source business model, says Percona founder

A new type of license will not solve the business model of open source, Percona founder Peter Zaitsev […]

SQLite’s new support for binary JSON is similar but different from a PostgreSQL feature

Version 3.45 of SQLite adds support for JSONB, a binary representation of JSON for internal use, but the […]

Database management the easy – and professional – way

SPONSORED FEATURE: That proverbial big red “Easy” button should never be dismissed when it comes to running critical […]

Amazon discontinues Aurora scale-to-zero database in favor of always-billed replacement

Amazon Web Services will discontinue the Aurora Serverless version 1 database manager. Customers will need to migrate to […]

Docker buys AtomicJar to integrate container-based test automation

Docker has bought AtomicJar along with its Testcontainer projects, giving Docker a better test story but raising concerns […]

AWS promotes cell-based architecture for ‘resilience at scale’

Attendees at the Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent conference, well under way in Las Vegas this week, were encouraged […]

Decreasing data warehouse downtime

SPONSORED FEATURE: When data warehouses were first developed, people used them for decision support – the sort of […]