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GitLab offers hackers up to $12,000 in bug bounty programme

GitLab has gone public with details of its bug bounty programme, having doled out $200,000 over the last […]

Two Linux Foundation Hyperledger Blockchain projects nearing 1.0

Hyperledger – the Linux Foundation’s blockchain-for-business project – should enter 2019 with the completion of two major framework […]

Microsoft adopts Chromium for “modern” Edge browser

Microsoft has rebooted its three-year-old browser Edge, released to win web devs’ love by ditching the lock in […]

Docker commits to open source, promises to put users into a ‘state of flow’

Docker’s CTO said he wants the company’s customers to lose all track of time in a keynote that […]

GitLab gives dashboards a good wiping in v11.5

GitLab has gone dashboard crazy with the latest update to its eponymous DevOps platform, adding revamped interfaces for […]

Datadog uses X-Ray to dig into AWS Lambda functions

Datadog is digging into serverless computing, with what it claims will be end-to-end monitoring for AWS Lambda functions. […]

Twistlock tools up to discover unknown unknown clouds

Twistlock has released and open sourced a tool to allow teams to uncover cloud native services they never […]

Google nurtures Native-style web apps at Summit

Creating web apps that looked more like native apps was the presiding theme at Google’s Chrome Dev Summit […]

WG14 prepares for C Change

The C programming language nudged a little closer to its next version this week, with the publication of […]

‘Fold the Phone’, says Google at Android Dev Summit

Google made a raft of announcements at its Android Dev Summit last week, including recommendations for the new […]