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TensorFlow gets text preprocessing library for wordy models

TensorFlow Text is a newly launched library that is meant to help machine learning practitioners working with text […]

Appian blends Google AI services into updated low-code platform

Low-code pioneer Appian has pushed out a new release of its developer platform, and has added support for […]

Google scraps AI ethics panel after (another) workers revolt

Google has demonstrated just how fast things move in AI, by scrapping the ethics panel it set up […]

Redis grabs AI and edge trends by the horns with new offerings

Database management system provider Redis Labs used its user conference RediConf to introduce the community to RedisAI, RedisGears, […]

What’s the point: Snyk pops pipe into BitBucket Cloud, Splice Machine unwraps beta, Spring Boot and Red Hat updates

Snyk has dipped a Pipe into Atlassian’s BitBucket Cloud code management product, which it claims means it can […]

Google keeps trying to not be evil with “advanced technology external advisory council”

What do you do when you can’t tell right from wrong anymore? Best case scenario? You turn to […]

Microsoft gives machines eyes and sense for the unusual, gets edgy with data box

Microsoft Azure’s AI and machine learning offering Cognitive Services now contains a preview for an Anomaly Detector and […]

Meet the Jetson Nano, it’s Nvidia’s AI mini me

Chip and graphic processing hardware manufacturer Nvidia used its GPU Technology Conference to introduce the newest member of […]

OpenAI looks for investors, says they’ll have to settle for a x100 return

AI non-profit OpenAI is no longer exactly a non-profit, after deciding to spin off a profit-making arm that […]

What does the future of AI look like? Facebook AI chief knows what he’d like to see

Facebook’s chief AI scientist Yann LeCun has been doing neural networks for quite a while now and has […]