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GitHub research reports high Copilot satisfaction from enterprise devs… but others doubt productivity gains

 A GitHub report on research conducted with developers at global technology services company Accenture attempted to quantify the […]

Oracle preparing Code Assist: AI coding “fine-tuned” for Java, SQL and its own cloud

Oracle is planning to release its own AI coding assistant, Code Assist, with the claim that it is […]

GitHub opens technical preview for Copilot Workspace, its next phase in AI-powered development

Developers can now apply to join the technical preview of Copilot Workspace

AI coding: Hugging Face engineer extols benefits of open source models, but hard questions remain

AI coding using open source models has advantages in transparency and the ability to customize them, but hard […]

Stack Overflow turns to Google for hosting and AI features, trusts in Gemini for tech answers

Developer question and answer site Stack Overflow has signed a deal with Google Cloud, through which Stack Overflow […]

Google-sponsored DevOps survey shows limited benefits of AI, return of elite teams

A Google-sponsored DevOps survey shows a widening gulf between the best and worst performing teams, and that the […]

GenAI in a box: Docker, Neo4J, LangChain, and Ollama offer new stack to developers

A new, free GenAI stack aimed at making it easy for developers to get started has been previewed […]

Survey: how organizations believe AI will change DevOps

The majority of organizations believe generative AI will have a significant impact on DevOps, according to a new […]

Stack Overflow traffic drops as developers turn to AI coding assistants

Traffic to programmer help site Stack Overflow has been dropping “by an average of 6% every month since […]

Brussels greenlights AI Act, chews over Cyber Resilience legislation

The European Parliament has given the go-ahead to its proposed AI Act, after provisions covering how generative AI […]