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Break point: Node.js 16, Ambasador Labs, Redis, Red Hat Satellite 6.9 and Atlassian buys ThinkTilt

Node.js 16 was released this week, with highlights being support for Apple Silicon and the V8 JavaScript engine […]

The only way is up: Puppet’s cloud-infra automation platform Relay hits GA

With on-premises taken care of, Puppet used 2020 to present its first focused foray into cloud-infrastructure automation by […]

With this cloud you are really spoiling us: Ambassador presents all new Telepresence to power collaboration project

Telepresence users who’d like to share their development progress with fellow distributed team mates now have the chance […]

What’s the point: Qt, Ruby, GitLab pricing, Databricks, TabNet, Icinga, and Ambassador

Ruby creator promises major release for Christmas Ruby creator Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto has informed the community around his […]