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Gasp! Salesforce project transmogrifAIs data into predictions

Cloudy CRM outfit Salesforce has open-sourced its automated machine learning library, TransmogrifAI, to assist others in building customer-specific […]

Oracle open-sources GraphPipe, loosens framework chains on machine learning folk

GraphPipe, released just hours ago by Oracle engineers was borne from the need for a consistent, efficient way […]

What’s next, TensorFlow?

With a preview version 2.0 of the machine learning framework planned for later this year, the TensorFlow team […]

TensorFlow unbolts the stable door, releases version 1.10

TensorFlow, friend of machine learning enthusiasts of every level, has now hit version 1.10, bringing performance improvements and […]

Google’s cloud warehouse teaches data scientists new tricks

Data scientists who use Google’s cloud data warehouse BigQuery for analysis now have the chance to add Machine […]

Electric Cloud says AI will protect developers from themselves

Electric Cloud has embedded machine learning into its platform to protect DevOps teams from themselves by actually doing […]