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PostgreSQL now top developer choice ahead of MySQL, according to massive new survey

A survey of 90,000 developers shows that PostgreSQL is ahead of MySQL as the choice of database engine, […]

Ready for a change? Database projects DoltLab and EdgeDB try to bring something new to the table

After receiving requests for a self-hosted version of Dolt sharing hub DoltHub, the team behind the Git for […]

Percona takes on cloud giants with open source DBaaS

Percona is offering a preview of an open source Database as a Service (DBaaS) platform as an alternative […]

Grand Vitess: release 10 improves performance and compatibility

Vitess 10 is being rolled out by the Vitess project team, with compatibility being the major focus. However, […]

Linkerd 2.10 sheds MBs, introduces extensions and opaque ports

Security-focused service mesh Linkerd 2.10 is now available with the promise of bringing the default control plane down […]

Build it and they will come: JetBrains gets grip on MongoDB with v2020.3 of database IDE

While an IDE for database or SQL programmers might sound weird at first, it actually can be pretty […]

Icinga upgrades to keep up with complex environment demands

The team behind monitoring system Icinga has declared version 2.12 of the tool as ready, which is the […]

Cluster bombs away: Vitess 6 is here – let the upgrading begin (warning: may take a while)

Version 6 of database clustering system Vitess is out, providing users of the CNCF graduated project with improved […]

GitHub outages? It’s the database stupid…

GitHub has cast a sliver of light on the cause of the outages that have plagued the code […]

WTP: GitHub’s new (weird) OSS endeavour, IBM’s AI advances, and HIPAA-compliant clusters

Repository management service GitHub has added to the shoals of the open source ecosystem with a “bit of […]