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Skint but looking to get complex machine learning models into production? Serverless might be the answer

Webcast – Combining Serverless and BERT for accuracy and cost-effectiveness with the MCubed web lecture series An old […]

Elastic beta release offers sneak peak of Elastic 8.0.0

Elastic has released Elastic 8.0.0-beta 1, offering Elastic users a preview of the changes coming in the next […]

Molt bé: spaCy 3.1 learns Catalan, offers SpanCategorizer, and lets you tell it what’s wrong in the first place

A good half year after making its third major release available, the team behind natural language processing library […]

Easy math: PyTorch 1.9 amps up distributed training and scientific computing

Version 1.9 of neural network and tensor computation framework PyTorch is now available. The 3400-plus commits in the […]

Codification sneaks into the NLP space, as spaCy lib hits third major release

Natural Language Processing library spaCy 3.0 has been pushed into the open, bringing a slew of features worthy […]

What’s the point: Google AI advances, Git security updates, and API gateway Gloo

Google’s AI teams used the comparatively quiet post-easter days to get ML practitioners up to speed with their […]

Wolfram Language & Mathematica step into another dimension, open packaging system

Wolfram Research has released version 12.1 of its Wolfram programming language and the technical computing system Mathematica. The […]

New NLP approach should help Facebook’s machine army to really get vous..ahem you

Facebook has shared an implementation for cross-lingual language model (XLM) pretraining with the machine translation community, so if […]