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Skint but looking to get complex machine learning models into production? Serverless might be the answer

Webcast – Combining Serverless and BERT for accuracy and cost-effectiveness with the MCubed web lecture series An old […]

Life in the Fastly lane: Wasmtime devs migrate to edge cloud firm

Bytecode Alliance project Wasmtime will be moving to edge content and app distributor Fastly, the open source consortium said yesterday.

13.5 is alive: GitLab makes security tweaks, adds ‘popular’ Group Wikis as this month’s model tiptoes out

Gitlab 13.5 now includes SAST – static application security testing – for iOS and Android code, alongside the integration of the MobSF framework.

What’s the point: Datadog sniffs security threats, Quarkus tools up, news AWS features

Datadog has added Security Monitoring to its service, which it says will help customers detect threats in real […]

Sonatype takes long view as it sells out to Vista Equity Partners

Code hygiene specialist Sonatype has been taken over by Vista Equity Partners, joining the private equity group’s roster […]

HashiCorp treats Terraform Enterprise customers to clusters

Enterprises like clusters, so HashiCorp has announced general availability of clustering for its Terraform Enterprise line and hinted […]

What’s the point: Kong, Spring Cloud, TeamCity, Istio, and Databricks

So much news, so little time. Learn more about what has happened in the last couple of days […]

Microsoft debuts Azure dedicated hosts for VMs, flags up licensing change

Microsoft has launched a preview of Azure Dedicated Host, a service that lets your Linux and Windows virtual […]

Cloud Run lets Google sprint towards serverless

Serverless aficionados rejoice: Google has made Cloud Run, a serverless offering for stateless containers that can be invoked […]

What’s the point: Snyk pops pipe into BitBucket Cloud, Splice Machine unwraps beta, Spring Boot and Red Hat updates

Snyk has dipped a Pipe into Atlassian’s BitBucket Cloud code management product, which it claims means it can […]