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Skint but looking to get complex machine learning models into production? Serverless might be...

Webcast - Combining Serverless and BERT for accuracy and cost-effectiveness with the MCubed web lecture series An old truism of Machine Learning assumes that...

Life in the Fastly lane: Wasmtime devs migrate to edge cloud firm

Bytecode Alliance project Wasmtime will be moving to edge content and app distributor Fastly, the open source consortium said yesterday.

13.5 is alive: GitLab makes security tweaks, adds ‘popular’ Group Wikis as this month’s...

Gitlab 13.5 now includes SAST - static application security testing - for iOS and Android code, alongside the integration of the MobSF framework.
What's the point

What’s the point: Datadog sniffs security threats, Quarkus tools up, news AWS features

Datadog has added Security Monitoring to its service, which it says will help customers detect threats in real time, and investigate alerts across infrastructure metrics, distributed traces...

Sonatype takes long view as it sells out to Vista Equity Partners

Code hygiene specialist Sonatype has been taken over by Vista Equity Partners, joining the private equity group’s roster of software firms you might, or might not, remember.
HashiCorp Icon Black

HashiCorp treats Terraform Enterprise customers to clusters

Enterprises like clusters, so HashiCorp has announced general availability of clustering for its Terraform Enterprise line and hinted at further upcoming features for the provisioning platform.
What's the point

What’s the point: Kong, Spring Cloud, TeamCity, Istio, and Databricks

So much news, so little time. Learn more about what has happened in the last couple of days in this short-form news roundup covering current point releases...
Microsoft Azure logo

Microsoft debuts Azure dedicated hosts for VMs, flags up licensing change

Microsoft has launched a preview of Azure Dedicated Host, a service that lets your Linux and Windows virtual machines live on a single-tenant physical server.
cloud run

Cloud Run lets Google sprint towards serverless

Serverless aficionados rejoice: Google has made Cloud Run, a serverless offering for stateless containers that can be invoked through HTTP requests, available as a beta. The foundation...
What's the point

What’s the point: Snyk pops pipe into BitBucket Cloud, Splice Machine unwraps beta, Spring...

Snyk has dipped a Pipe into Atlassian’s BitBucket Cloud code management product, which it claims means it can offer end-to-end security scanning and protection throughout the developer...