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What's the point

What’s the point: Kong, Spring Cloud, TeamCity, Istio, and Databricks

So much news, so little time. Learn more about what has happened in the last couple of days in this short-form news roundup covering current point releases...
Microsoft Azure logo

Microsoft debuts Azure dedicated hosts for VMs, flags up licensing change

Microsoft has launched a preview of Azure Dedicated Host, a service that lets your Linux and Windows virtual machines live on a single-tenant physical server.
cloud run

Cloud Run lets Google sprint towards serverless

Serverless aficionados rejoice: Google has made Cloud Run, a serverless offering for stateless containers that can be invoked through HTTP requests, available as a beta. The foundation...
What's the point

What’s the point: Snyk pops pipe into BitBucket Cloud, Splice Machine unwraps beta, Spring...

Snyk has dipped a Pipe into Atlassian’s BitBucket Cloud code management product, which it claims means it can offer end-to-end security scanning and protection throughout the developer...

AWS tunes TensorFlow for latest Deep Learning images

Amazon has unwrapped a pile of updated machine learning integrations for its Deep Learning machine images, including its own tuning of the latest version of TensorFlow.
What's the point

WTP: GitLab plugs flaws, DataDog gets paws on HashiCorp and more…

GitLab has issued a critical security release for its Community and Enterprise Editions. One of the bugs fixed was an information disclosure issue that exposed project runner...

Qt unwraps 5.13.0 beta, RC set for May

The first beta of Qt 5.13.0 has arrived, albeit a month later than originally planned, with the final release candidate slated for the first week of May.

OpenAI looks for investors, says they’ll have to settle for a x100 return

AI non-profit OpenAI is no longer exactly a non-profit, after deciding to spin off a profit-making arm that will bankroll its original mission. OpenAI...
What's the point

What’s the point: Google API automates Docs workflows, Electric Cloud adds personas

Google has opened up its Docs productivity apps with an API that promises the ability to create workflows based on documents and other info held in companies’...

GitHub gets serious on automation, open sources Actions parser’s project

GitHub has open sourced the programme language spec and parser for the Actions workflow tool it announced last year, giving outsiders the opportunity to build their own...