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Break point: Notepad++, Traefik, Charmed Kubeflow, Vulkan, Google Cloud Deploy, and Rancher Desktop

With critical issues taken care of, Notepad++ 8.2.2 is now available thus allowing users of the text and […]

Break point: Cloudera, NeuVector, Mirantis Secure Registry, Apache Hop, Java Operator SDK, and Istio

The team behind Cloudera Streaming Analytics has put the finishing touches to its 1.6 release. The update, available […]

Break point: TeamCity, Harvester, Brigade, .NET MAUI, and Crossplane

Welcome to the first break point of the year! We hope you had a nice break and wish […]

Break point: GitLab Security Release, new Amazon EC2 instances, SUSE acquires NeuVector, Azure DevOps Server patched

GitLab has released versions 14.4.1, 14.3.4, and 14.2.6 for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) with […]

Rancher presents first big release after SUSE acquisition, ups game on hosted cluster provisioning

Ten release candidates in, Rancher 2.6 is now good to go. The first big release since Rancher was […]

What’s the point: CLion, Rancher, Apache TVM, and AWS Lambda

The final CLion release of the year aims to lend C/C++ developers a hand at debugging. To make […]

Open sauce: Rancher 2.5 puts new UI forward, gets to continuously delivering

Rancher 2.5, the first big release since the project’s parent company entered an agreement to become part of […]

SUSE looks to beef up its cloud-native enterprise kit, pops Rancher Labs in its trolley

Linux distributor SUSE has entered an agreement to acquire enterprise Kubernetes management tooling provider Rancher Labs. Financial details […]

What’s that coming over the hill? Rancher drives Longhorn over the 1.0 line

Rancher-bred cloud-native container storage solution Longhorn has hit its first major release but to pass the next big […]

Rancher continues edge trajectory, aims at less disruptive updates

Container management platform Rancher 2.4 is now available, providing users with rolling updates for RKE clusters, improved scaling, […]