CloudBees gets software delivery system cloud-ready

CloudBees gets software delivery system cloud-ready

The CloudBees suite now includes a free plan for CD platform monitoring across heterogeneous CloudBees Core and Jenkins deployments, a starter kit for new CloudBees customers, and a way to continuously deliver applications on Kubernetes.

CloudBees describes its product suite as an end-to-end software delivery system for modern software development. It consists of CloudBees Core, an automation engine for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, DevOptics to control metrics, the fully-managed CI/CD offering CodeShip to get started, and newly available support for open source project Jenkins.

To get even more organisations on the DevOps train, CloudBees has added some new components to its catalogue. Most importantly, it now offers a limited number of Kube CD subscriptions to CloudBees Core customers only. The product uses Jenkins X and is meant to enable teams to quickly implement Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes.

Organisations that want to get started with CloudBees products can do so via a new Starter Kit bundling DevOptics and Core with CloudBees professional service to be up and running quicker. Those pondering investing in CloudBees DevOptics can subscribe to a free plan to get basic operational insight across heterogeneous CloudBees Core and Jenkins deployments.

As mentioned, CloudBees now also offers technical support and maintenance for automation server Jenkins. Other benefits of this program include self-paced online training for the software, automated diagnostics services, and developer support for the implementation of Jenkins Pipeline best practices and optimisation. Subscribers can also get assistance during upgrades, and take part in the so-called Continuous Delivery Acceleration program, which is supposed to help with the introduction of Continuous Delivery to an organisation.