16 giants get behind GPL Cooperation Commitment

Get together

Sixteen more companies have thrown their weight behind the GPL Cooperation Commitment, the Red Hat-backed effort to “combat harsh tactics in open source license enforcement”.

According to a Red Hat statement, “by making this commitment, these 16 corporate leaders are strengthening long-standing community norms of fairness, pragmatism, and predictability in open source license compliance.”

As Red Hat puts it, “Those who adopt the GPL Cooperation Commitment extend the cure provisions of GPLv3 to their existing and future GPLv2 and LGPLv2.x-licensed code.”

The initiative was kicked off by Facebook, Google, IBM and Red Hat in November last year. They were joined by CA, Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, SAP and Suse in March, and a further wave of 16 rolled in in July, including Amazon, GitLab and VMware.


The latest sixteen span a wide range of companies, including participants from the more usery end of the spectrum, such as Amadeus, Etsy and Oath. Other notables on the dev side include Atlassian and GitHub.

Business, is business, and signing up to the commitment doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will play nice with everyone else all the time. Then again, bringing people together is usually a good thing – in fact, Red Hat and IBM have decided they liked one another so much Big Blue is buying the Linux powershouse for $34.5bn.

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