Microsoft Azure forces long weekend for MFA users

Microsoft Azure forces long weekend for MFA users

Microsoft’s Azure service has delivered a start-the-week combination punch to users, with its DevOps service being afflicted with timeouts on Sunday and a multi factor authentication bug hitting users in the UK and beyond today.

Dedicated devs using Azure DevOps worldwide experienced timeouts accessing Packages, the vendor’s status page confirmed by mid-evening Sunday. By 20.26 UTC, the problem was traced to an “unknown issue with one of the ScaleUnit failing with timeouts in routing requests to correct ScaleUnits serving customer account [sic].”

The vendor suspended the ScaleUnit, saying no external customers were currently using it, and immediately turned its attention to “lessons learned“.

However, early Monday morning, another problem reared its head, with customers in Europe and Asia Pacific experiencing problems getting into Azure when “Multi-Factor Authentication is required by policy”. Or put another, you and your organisation’s efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen mean that you’re probably twiddling your thumbs.

Customers took to Twitter detailing problems using Azure services, including Azure DevOps and Office 365.

Just to add insult to injury, the Azure DevOps support page is currently telling users that while Azure “may not be at full health”, the Azure DevOps regional feature status is “everything is looking good”.

Right, now Azure Support is telling users it can’t commit to a time when the problem will be fixed.

In an extra twist of irony, in the UK a large amount of the train lines into London are currently kaput due to over-running engineering works.

It’s in situations like this the cloud is an absolute godsend, meaning conscientious devs, and others, can carry on their work, where-ever they are. As long as that doesn’t mean on Azure.

Users seem particularly irked by Microsoft’s tardiness in identifying the cause of the problem and its informing users. As they were when Microsoft’s recent acquisition GitHub took a tumble earlier late last month. Or when Azure DevOps dived earlier in October.