Git v2.20.0 update drops down the chimney with sacks of fixes and new features

Git v2.20.0 update drops down the chimney with sacks of fixes and new features

Git hit v2.20.0 over the weekend, immediately earning itself the distinction of the largest release in the v2 series, with 962 non-merge commits since v2.19.0.

The new version contains reams of bug fixes, changes and features – we know, we printed out the release document. We’ve listed a selection below, but for the full run down, go here.

Gitclone will now attempt to spot and warn you when you are running gitclone on projects with file pathnames that only differ in case, on a case-insensitive filesystem, thus preventing one of the files being lost.

Users will now see “progress output” when generating commit-graph files for a “meaningfully large” repository. Also, git status will show show a progress bar, when refreshing the index takes a long time.

You can choose whether to receive more “verbose” help information by default from git help -a and git help -av. The notes suggest verbosity is generally more useful for new users.

We also liked that “the minimum version of Windows supported by Windows port of Git is now set to Vista”.

Fixes include one for “a long-standing bug that leaves the index file corrupt when it shrinks during a partial commit.

Buggy code in “git interpret-trailers” that attempted to ignore patch text has been fixed, as has a bug in packstream that could lead to code attempting to read or write past the allocated buffer.

A grand total of 83 people contributed to the update, of which 26 were “new faces”. The most common face was Duy Nguyễn with 170. GitHub’s  – or is that Microsoft’s – Jeff King and Microsoft’s Derrick Stolee, contributed 98 and 93 respectively.