What’s the point: Serverless Framework update, Clojure refresh

What's the point

Serverless Framework has hit v1.35, with two new features, and five bug fixes the firm behind it announced.

First up is local invoke Ruby support for AWS Lambda Ruby runtimes, which it said would make “it easier to pass in test payloads and quickly iterate locally.” If, that is, you’re running a Ruby version that matches AWS Lambda’s runtime. It added that macOS Ruby will prbably not work.

The second new feature is the ability to specify a region to look at for Cloud Formation outputs allowing cross-region resolution of outputs, which should make have mutli-region services easier.

Five bugs were addressed, and the firm said the current focus of the project was on eliminating regressions and tackling the bug backlog.

Clojure gets end of year refresh


Clojure has hit 1.10, a year on from the language’s last refresh.

A post announcing the release flagged up two major areas: improved error reporting and Java compatibility.

The blog said “error reporting at the REPL now categorizes errors based on their phase of execution (read, macroexpand, compile, etc).” Additional info, such as location and context are built into errors. Errors now present “phase-specific error messages with better location reporting”.

The other change is the requirement for Java 8 or above, and the language has been updated with Java 8 and Java 11 compatibility particularly in mind.




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