Puppet Software gives enterprise fans a new CD to play with over Christmas

Puppet Software gives enterprise fans a new CD to play with over Christmas
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Puppet has given its most dedicated fans something to do while everyone else is out of the office for the next few weeks in the shape of a new release of its Continuous Delivery product.

The config and so much more vendor flagged up three key additions to the latest version in a blog announcing the drop.

The most attention goes to a new deployment approval workflow. This is to address the possibility of bottlenecks creeping in as teams introduce new Puppet modules – the change proposals of which need approval from a central Puppet team.

In version 2.2, teams contributing Puppet code can use Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise to deploy changes to pre-production environments. That way they can be checked and tested. The central team can then detail the mission-critical Puppet environments that need reviewing before deployments are OK’d, and change review, approval and deployment can be done in quick order.

The latest version also brings scaling support for large scale environments for the impact analysis feature introduced in October. Puppet said, “Users now have the ability to configure how many node catalogs should be compiled in parallel for a given impact analysis report.”

The third major change is support for Azure DevOps, meaning users can “now monitor changes to a module or control repository and trigger the relevant pipeline to test and deploy the change.”

Other additions include configurable SSH port numbers for GitLab integrations, small usability improvements, and the resolution of a bug which scuppered the installation of CD for PE if your session timed out.

You can see the full list of changes and fixes for version 2.2, and right back to the introduction of 1.0 back in October here and here.