Perforce catches Rogue Wave as it looks to capture enterprise pipelines

Perforce catches Rogue Wave as it looks to capture enterprise pipelines

Veteran software lifecycle management vendor turned DevOps outfit Perforce has snapped up tools developer Rogue Wave Software, its third buy in less than a year.

Rogues Wave brings a 17 strong product set, ranging from API management suite Akana to to the Zend Studio IDE, and a reputed 5,600 customers.

In a statement this week, Perforce said, “The combination of Perforce and Rogue Wave delivers a full suite of solutions that measurably improves developer productivity while fuelling DevOps at scale.”

Mark Ties, Perforce CEO, added, “Rogue Wave’s software suite strengthens Perforce’s existing static code analysis and automated test offerings, and also adds new capabilities in the areas of dynamic code analysis, API management, project visualization, developer productivity, and embedded analytics.”

Perforce has made six acquisitions in the last two years, half of these since it was itself taken over by Clear Lake Capital last January. It was previously taken over by Summit Partners in 2016, when founder and former CEO Christopher Seiwald said he wanted to get back to programming in the basement.

Perforce wrapped up its buy of cloud-based testing vendor Perfecto in December.  Last May, it was enterprise static code analysis vendor PRQA which it hoovered up.

This was all in the wake of Clear Lake’s own buy of Perforce, with the aim of building out an enterprise-grade DevOps platform

Doing this by successively hoovering up a raft of veteran software companies might not be everyone’s preferred approach, and integrating multiple tools is not for the faint-hearted. On the other hand, when it comes to transformation, many enterprises can only handle so much at a time and might genuinely want a comfort blanket emblazoned with the logos of tools they know.