Travis CI CTO says it will stay open source as closes sale to Idera

Travis CI CTO says it will stay open source as closes sale to Idera

German-based Travis CI has been acquired by private equity-backed Idera, eight years after the continuous integration vendor first launched.

Texan-based Idera is the parent of a host of software brands, some of which you’ll know, some of which you might have forgotten you used to know.

In a blog announcing the deal, Travis’ CTO and cofounder Konstantin Haase, said it would become part of Idera’s testing tools division, which includes TestRail, Ranorex and Kiuwan.

At the same time, he said, “We are committed to remaining the solid stand-alone solution you have come to rely on. We will continue to offer the same services to our hosted and on-premises users. With the support from our new partners, we will be able to invest in expanding and improving our core product, to have Travis CI be the best Continuous Integration and Development solution for software projects out there.”

Travis CI’s code would remain open source, he said, and, “We will continue to maintain a free, hosted service for open source projects, and will keep building features for the open source community.”

Idera was founded in 2000, and produced server backup software. It was taken over by private equity firm HGGC in 2017, and embarked on a run of acquisitions, clocking up nine ahead of this week’s Travis deal.