Microsoft stands up for PostgreSQL with Citus Data buy

Microsoft Citus buy

Microsoft has bolstered its PostgreSQL credentials after snaffling up database as a service outfit Citus Data.

Describing its new buy, Microsoft’s Azure Data VP Rohan Kumar said in a blog post, “Citus is an innovative open source extension to PostgreSQL that transforms PostgreSQL into a distributed database, dramatically increasing performance and scale for application developers.”

Microsoft already offers its own Azure Database for PostgreSQL, but Kumar went on: “The acquisition of Citus Data builds on Azure’s open source commitment and enables us to provide the massive scalability and performance our customers demand as their workloads grow.” Which seems to mean the deal will accelerate the delivery of more features to the PostgreSQL features on the Azure service.

While noting that Citus Data’s software is available as a service, enterprise software and as an open source download, Kumar didn’t mention whether these services would continue.


In a blog post, co-founders Umur Cubukcu, Ozgun Erdogan, and Sumedh Pathak said: “As part of Microsoft, we will stay focused on building an amazing database on top of PostgreSQL that gives our users the game-changing scale, performance, and resilience they need.”

The trio pledged, “We will continue to actively participate in the Postgres community, working on the Citus open source extension as well as the other open source Postgres extensions you love.”

Citus has offices in San Francisco and Istanbul. The deal represents another acquisition by a global tech player of a company with Turkish roots. Atlassian snapped up OpsGenie last September to bolster its Jira Ops incident management platform. Chinese ecommerce giant Ali Baba bought into Turkish ecommerce firm Trendyol last July.

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