What’s the point: GitHub gets drafty, Azure DevOps gets CLI, Elastic Stack and PostgreSQL updates

What's the point

GitHub is introducing draft pull requests which its users can use to spark collaboration when code is not complete – or even started. When users open a pull request, they will get the option to tag it as a draft request, and merging will be blocked while it is in that state. Users then have the option to switch it to ready for review at a later date. The feature is available in public and open source repositories and in private repositories.

Azure DevOps points fingers at CLI

Azure has announced a public preview of a CLI  extension for Azure DevOps. The blogpost flagging up the preview said the extension will bring  “the capability to manage Azure DevOps right to your fingertips. Presumably, fans have been using other body parts to point and click to day. You can check out the full docs for the extension here.

PostgreSQL opens trunkful of updates


The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released a slew of updates covering all supported versions of the database. They include fixes for partitioning and over 70 other bugs reported over the last three months. The group highlighted a change in how it handles an fsync() failure, to fix a potential situation that could lead to a data corruption. Red Hat earlier this week opted for PostgreSQL as the default database for its Satellite platform.

Elasticsearch ships Elastic Stack 7.0.0 beta

Elasticsearch has released a beta of Elastic Stack 7.0.0. The beta promises faster search, particularly in situations where an exact hit count is not needed. There are also a number of new queries, including an intervals query and a script_score query.  The beta also shows off the revamped Kibana, which features a new global navigation and default collapsed side navigation, as well as a dark mode.

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