Pivotal’s new Cloud Foundry release is all about routing and automation

Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Pivotal’s distribution of multi-cloud platform for enterprise apps Cloud Foundry has been released in v2.5 with a couple of – still in beta – new features to up the offering’s stability amongst other things.

For one, the distribution is now fitted with a routing tier. It makes use of service mesh Istio and proxy Envoy to, for example, offer customers a comfortable way of limiting the traffic on certain instances. A demo of this “weighed routing” for Pivotal’s application service PAS can be found on GitHub.

Another interesting preview included is Platform Automation for PCF. The beta contains building blocks to create pipelines for platform upgrades to help those members of a development team that have to make sure the platform is up and running in the best way possible. The module uses Concourse tasks to script and automate Operations Manager actions in a legible, modular, and repeatable way.

To facilitate the navigation on PAS, there are now ways to add descriptive metadata to a couple of API resources such as apps, orgs, builds, or processes. Support for multiple custom parts has been added to the application service as well, so that it can be used for another kind of workload.


Administrators interested in upgrading should however have a look at the breaking changes introduced by the release. The most critical are that cflinuxfs2 isn’t supported anymore, and a change in the file format in Ops Manager release components means some manual alterations are necessary to get the system to detect the new versions.

In the near future, Pivotal plans to release PAS for Windows 2.5 which will make use of Windows Server 2019 and come with support for custom trusted CA certs. Another still to be made available feature is a way to manage apps deployed on different foundations, which also enables searches across parameters like service instance name, or app name.

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