Travis CI launches Insights feature, confirms own outage

Travis CI has reached into the future to launch an Insights feature which will give users more information on how they are using the continuous integration platform.

The move was announced yesterday in a blog post curiously dated April 7. According to the post, “Whenever you push to GitHub, or open a pull request, a Travis CI build is triggered. This build can have one or several jobs, and the final status is what we report back to GitHub and that’s what you’re seeing on the Build Statuses graph.”

“In case you’re curious, all of these build jobs are taken into account within Insights in the ‘total job minutes chart’, which measures the total number of minutes you’ve been building, as well as a percentage comparison with the last period,” the post says.

The Insights graph can be toggled between week or month views. A top line shows total builds, build minutes, average queue time, and the number of active repositories. Build status for each day are shown, broken down by number passing, failed, errored, and cancelled.

On private projects, Insights are only shared with organisation owners, who can then choose who else gets to see the information.

To illustrate the feature, Travis uses its own data, and the more eagle-eyed observer will spot a spike in queue times last Thursday, from around the 10 to 15 minute mark to 69 minutes.

This corresponds spike with an outage at the vendor which left users fuming and questioning the wisdom of recent reported layoffs at the firm in February. The reported layoffs came in the wake of CI’s acquisition by private equity-backed Idera in January.