Sysdig unwraps overview app in renamed cloud native platform

Sysdig unwraps overview app in renamed cloud native platform

Sysdig has revved its Cloud-Native Visibility + Security Platform to v2.0, claiming it delivers the “first combined view of cloud-native security, monitoring and forensics”.

The 2.0 platform combines the vendor’s Monitor and Secure products – which are currently in versions 3.0 and 2.0 respectively – along with an “overview” of the data exposed by its info collecting agent. If you wanted to do a comparison with the previous version, that’ll be tricky – it was previously known as the Sysdig Cloud Native Intelligence Platform.

“The big thing we released for this release is this overview app, which sits on top of our platform, right next to Sysdig Secure and Sysdig Monitor and it unifies the visualisation of that data,” said Apurva Davé, Sysdig’s CMO.

This would allow customers to correlate performance data and security data, he said, “and use as a layer of intelligence to highlight elements of your infrastructure that may have significant problems.”

Vendors love to claim they are applying machine learning or AI to the customers data they’re working, but Sysdig are holding off – for now at least. “We would call this analytics – the math is very simple,” said Davé,.

But he added, the “reason we’re not using the AI or ML words now, is we’re planning to do a lot with that later in the year. Now that we’ve unified all of this data, we have this unmatched dataset.

“Secure and Monitor aren’t going away,” Davé, added. “They have these deep workflows necessary when you’re solving particular types of problems. “We’ll continue to release apps on top of our platform that will expose very specific workflows that people want to solve.”

Sysdig said the agent had been tested across AWS, Google, Azure and IBM’s clouds, and would also operate across multi-cloud and on-prem setups.

A preview of the service, will be launched as an online service next month. It will be tooled up for on-prem use in the second half of the year.

The company is also overhauling its product tiers, with Pro or Enterprise options, based on “container density” and the number of custom metrics. Pricing will be “customised” accordingly. According to Sysdig’s website, pricing “starts at $30/host, billed annually.”

However, if you’re a fan of Sysdig Secure but not co much of Sysdig Monitor, or vice versa, the standalone products will continue to be available.