What’s the point: Nomad 0.9.2, Ruby 2.7, Azure, and Istio 1.2

What’s the point: Nomad 0.9.2, Ruby 2.7, Azure, and Istio 1.2

HashiCorp’s workload orchestrator Nomad is now available in v0.9.2. The most notable additions in the release focus on the work with allocations, offering users ways to run commands in running allocations, restart or stop the latter, and sending signals to all tasks in an allocation.

But the update comes packed with more new features such as an auto promote flag in the update stanza, allowing automatic promotion once all canaries of a deployment have become healthy, and preemption capabilities for service and batch jobs. It also fixes a privilege escalation issue introduced in v0.9.

Before updating, a quick glance at the release notes can’t hurt, since there have been some changes in the API and client that aren’t backwards compatible.

Ruby devs are looking for early feedback

While Ruby 2.7 isn’t planned to be released until December, a first preview of the programming language has now been dropped into the community. This should give the developers enough time for gathering feedback and smoothing out any edges.

Aside from some performance improvements, the next Ruby version introduces Compaction GC to defragment memory space and an experimental implementation of pattern matching. Other than that, the read-eval-print-loop has been improved, letting users work with rdoc, and do multi-line edits amongst other things.

Azure Event Hub clusters get self-serve experience

If you always wanted to use the Azure portal or the Azure Resource Manager to create Azure Event Hubs clusters, you’re in luck since Microsoft announced a preview of just such a capability earlier this week.

The self-serve experience is available in the regions North Europe, West Europe, US Central, East US, East US 2, West US, West US 2, North US, South Central US, South East Asia, and UK South.

Can’t wait for new Istio? You don’t have to!

It’s not long until v1.2 of service mesh Istio should be done – if 19 June sounds way too far away for you, however, you can now take a first release candidate for a spin. Since support for Istio 1.0 will end on that day as well, looking into the new version early can’t really hurt if you still haven’t made the jump from the first major release.