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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
Waypoint 0.7

To each their own: Waypoint introduces workspace scoping, UI improvements

Waypoint 0.7, one of HashiCorp’s newer tools designed to facilitate the building and deployment of applications, is now available and features a slew of UI improvements along...
Rust 1.54

Rust 1.58 continues efforts to get more friendly, kernel initiative progresses

Rust 1.58 has recently been pushed into the open, and though most changes can be found in the project’s compiler this time around, the programming language itself...
break point

Break point: Puppet, Operator Framework, CircleCI, GitLab, Bevy, and LitmusChaos

During a round of testing, the team behind automation tool Puppet found that upcoming protocol changes at GitHub might affect a large number of Code Manager and...
IPython 8.0

IPython 8.0 out now with slimmer code base, enhanced coding experience

Interactive Python toolkit IPython has slimmed down a bit, gained some enhancements for readability and debugging, and is available for downloading in version 8.0.

Is the CUE language the future of the app delivery ecosystem? Maybe let’s understand...

If you’ve had an attentive eye on your favourite container tech person’s social media account over the last year, chances are you stumbled upon a mention of...
Flink ML 2.0

Flink ML 2.0 paves way for better usability with algorithm implementations and Python SDK

After putting the project through a major refactoring and giving it a new home, the team behind machine learning library Flink ML has released version 2.0, sporting...

Git over here! Visual Studio 17.1 Preview 2 bulks up on version control features

Visual Studio users who have been struggling with the IDE’s integration of the version control system Git can look forward to many improvements in the upcoming version...
Nx 0.1

Elixir team advances numerical computing project, plans more machine learning additions

After 14 months of work, the developers behind multi-dimensional tensor library Nx have decided to cut their first official release and share v0.1 with the wider Elixir...
Break point

Break point: TeamCity, Harvester, Brigade, .NET MAUI, and Crossplane

Welcome to the first break point of the year! We hope you had a nice break and wish you all the best for 2022!

BumbleBee ascents to help eBPF programmers with user space code and distribution

API gateway and service mesh company Solo.io started the year with open sourcing BumbleBee, a project meant to help with the creation of eBPF programs.