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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
break point

Break point: Lens, Kong Mesh, Spring Boot, Git Tower, and Amazon AppStream

Kubernetes IDE Lens 5.3 has just made it over the finish line, and fits the project with new filtering capabilities, terminal copy on select, a cluster sidebar...
PHP 8.1

PHP 8.1 presents web developers with the gift of enums, Fibers, and readonly props

Even after a good 26 years around and a strong set of competitors, PHP is still essential to a large portion of websites everywhere. In order to keep...
JetBrains DataGrip

JetBrains updates data-related tooling with support for versioning efforts, Zeppelin and remote notebook use

JetBrains is pushing out its third major update series of the year, which also has some things in store for data handlers. Database and...
Gitlab Logo

Feeling safe yet? GitLab 14.5 introduces security scanning for infra as code config files

Repo management-cum-DevOps platform GitLab has gotten its monthly update. As part of the release of v14.5 the company decided to make the GitLab Kubernetes Agent available to...
Istio security

Istio 1.12 learns to keep things local, gets a grip on TCP probes

Service mesh Istio is now available in version 1.12, providing users with enhancements meant to make the project more extensible and secure. Istio 1.12...
Break point

Break point: XCRemote Cache, PagerDuty, Prometheus, CockroachDB, and Spring Data

Spotify’s research and development division this week shared its home-grown XCRemoteCache library with iOS engineers everywhere. The project was developed to reduce app build times by providing...
Electron 16

Get your Bluetooth headsets ready: Electron 16 learns to talk with human interface devices

Electron — a central building block of Visual Studio Code, WhatsApp, and Twitch — has made a version jump and is available in v16. 
Vault 1.9

Identities for all: Vault 1.9 takes steps towards becoming an OIDC provider

HashiCorp has pushed out version 1.9 of its secret management tool Vault. The update features predominantly client count and data protection module improvements, but also includes two...
Twitter API v2

Twitter rethinks developer platform limits and policy to get people to improve its service

Microblogging/networking service Twitter has announced version 2 of its API ready for general use, reworked its developer programme, and now offers additional access levels in hopes of...
Kotlin 1.6

Looking for Kover? Kotlin 1.6 introduces code coverage plugin

Java-alternative Kotlin 1.6 has been pushed into the open and provides developers with some stabilised language features, improvements to the standard library, and home-grown tooling to measure...