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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.

Scikit-learn celebrates the big 1.0 with keyword arguments and online one-class SVMs

After a good 14 years of development, the team behind scikit-learn has released version 1.0 of the Python machine learning library, signaling the open-source project’s stability and...
break point

Break point: Apache Ignite, DKP, WebAssembly PaaS, JupyterLab, and Google Cloud Deploy

Distributed database Apache Ignite 2.11 is now available and comes with partition awareness enabled, built-in snapshot restore and consistency check commands, and new page replacement policies. It’s...
Elastic 7.15

Elastic 7.15 plays to the SRE crowd with improved isolation and insight capabilities

Elastic, proprietor of an assortment of search and data analytics tools, has updated its product stack with polished versions of its application performance management correlation feature and...
GitLab 14.3

GitLab 14.3 premiers proprietary SAST engine, adds flexibility to pipelining

The monthly GitLab update is here, adding some bits to make pipelines more flexible while looking to improve security and access management for those willing to pay...
Apache Kafka 3.0

Apache Kafka 3.0 prepares project for big clean-up and Raft metadata mode

Apache Kafka 3.0 has been pushed into availability, paving the way for the event processing platform to leave the ZooKeeper project behind once and for all.
Swift 5.5

Swift 5.5 tries to grab devs’ interest with asynchronicity and concurrency features

Apple’s programming language Swift 5.5 has been made available and comes packed with new language features especially interesting to developers looking into concurrency to speed up their...
TestRail 7.2

TestRail 7.2 changes tooling to turn charts interactive

Test management platform TestRail is now available in version 7.2 and provides testers with the option to jump from dashboard to product activity by clicking on data...
Foreman 3.0

Foreman 3.0 crams Puppet ENC into plugin, takes steps towards better UX

Server lifecycle management project Foreman recently saw its third major release, which provides users with a couple of changes that should align the tool somewhat closer with...
break point

Break point: Prometheus, JFrog, GDB, Boundary, Serverless Framework, Eclipse, Delphi, Kubermatic, and DataSpell

The team behind monitoring system Prometheus has pushed version 2.30 into the wild, and with it some improvements to the scrape functionality. Amongst other things users can...
Java 17

Java 17 dons features for safe, concise code; Oracle changes JDK licensing, pushes for...

Java 17 reference implementation JDK 17 as well as GPL-licensed OpenJDK builds have been made available this week. The first long-term support release in three years sports...