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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.

Upscale-Prometheus Cortex ready to spark joy in production

Four years in, horizontally scalable, clustered Prometheus implementation Cortex has hit the big 1.0 and is now ready for production. Cortex was initially developed...

LXC goes for new hierarchies, while LXD casts its net at VMs

Container runtime LXC, container and VM manager LXD, and FUSE filesystem LXCFS are now available in new long-term support version 4.0, which will see five guaranteed years...

AWS says Amazon Detective no longer under cover and is ready to poke around...

After its initial unveiling at re:invent 2019, security data analysis service Amazon Detective is now available to AWS customers. The tool collects log data...

K10 gets new transformation framework, hoping for better mobility across infrastructures

Data management platform Kasten K10 v2.5 is now available, introducing a cloud native transformation framework which is meant to improve backup and mobility for Kubernetes applications.
Rancher 2.4

Rancher continues edge trajectory, aims at less disruptive updates

Container management platform Rancher 2.4 is now available, providing users with rolling updates for RKE clusters, improved scaling, CIS scanning capabilities, and more. The...
Observability, BI, management

OpenTelemetry looks for early-adopters as project starts beta move

The team behind OpenTelemetry has announced the observability project’s move into beta phase, giving the starting signal for integration into applications for first tests.
code machine learning

Google combines spreadsheets and AI for more bot experiments

To give more people a chance to play with natural language understanding, Google AI Hub has introduced Semantic Reactor, an experimental Google Sheets Add-on, to use in...
What's the point

WTP: Kong for K8s, Terraform, Jenkins, and Puppet VS Code

API gateway provider Kong has updated its Kubernetes Ingress Controller Kong for Kubernetes to version 0.8. The new release comes with the capability to proxy traffic for...
Rust docs

Rust says farewell to docs team

After almost two years without official meetings and lack of success with recruiting new members, the Rust developers have officially pronounced the docs team dead.
Apache Isis

Apache Isis settles onto Spring Boot

The Apache Software Foundation’s project for generating UIs for domain-driven Java applications, Isis, has clocked up another milestone release, re-platforming it to run on Spring Boot.