Salesforce cements itself into Continuous Delivery Foundation

Salesforce has joined the Continuous Delivery Foundation, instantly making itself one of the biggest companies in the group.

Salesforce, which dominates CRM, will become a premier member of the Linux Foundation-backed organisation, alongside the likes of CloudBees, IBM, Google, Huawei and Netflix.

Companies like Red Hat, Puppet and GitLab – smaller but arguably intimately entwined with Continuous Delivery – are all found in the general or end user tier.

According to Salesforce’s own statement, it will “help shape industry specifications around pipelines, workflows and other CI/CD areas, as well as provide foundational support for CI/CD tools.”


Salesforce’s director of Open Source, Chris Kelly, said the company “has a lot of expertise to share with the community. […] By collaborating with the CDF, we’re excited to help define the future of open source CI/CD tools, share our lessons learned as well as build on the industry’s experience.”

The Saas firm might not be the first to come to mind when talking Open Source, never mind Continuous Delivery, giving the impression of jealously guarding its own wall garden of users and developers.

However, its open source page trumpets built at Salesforce projects including TransmogrifAI, and the Lightning Web Components framework it opensourced last month.

As for the Continuous Delivery Foundation, things have been relatively quiet since it launched back in March. Last month it issued Openness Guidelines, declaring that “Design, discussions, and decision-making around technical topics of CDF projects should occur in public view.”

This appears to have partly been a response to the parent Linux Foundation’s statement on Huawei, following the US government’s addition of the Chinese firm to its effective banned list – though this now appears to have been reversed. For this week at least.

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