What’s the point: GitHub and Slack, VMware on Google, Icinga update, and Linus orphans floppy disks

What's the point

GitHub and Slack have flagged up new features as part of their integration cum app. Fans of the Microsoft-owned repo and the recently listed ChatOps platform can now list and create deployments in their repos without leaving Slack, using the Deployments API. They can also get statuses of checks on pull requests, and notifications on new draft pull requests.

Simples for VMware workloads on Google Cloud

Google has announced support for VMware workloads on Google Cloud. The service will be underpinned by CloudSimple’s VMware workload management service, and will allow vSphere, NSX and vSAN to be deployed on GCP. First line support will be provided by Google, in collaboration with CloudSimple.

Icinga adds colourblind theme, support for Japanese and Ukranian

The team behind Icinga Web 2 has released v2.7.0 of the infrastructure monitoring tool. The new version adds supplementary customization options, with the opportunity to hook into a configuration’s form handling, customize click and submit handling, and integrate DetailviewExtension into multi-select views. 

There is a new colourblind theme, and forms in general get a makeover. Roles management has been overhauled, with the addition of a new placeholder which means a user’s name can be used in restrictions. 2.7.0 also adds support for Japanese and Ukranian.

Torvalds takes hard line on floppy drives

And finally….Linus Torvalds has possibly struck the death knell for floppy disks in the Linux world. The Linux creator last week declared the “floppy driver” as orphaned, noting that most floppy drives sold these days are actually usb-based. “The old floppy disk controller is still emulated in various VM environments, so the driver isn’t going away, but let’s see if anybody is interested to step up to maintain it,” he said.