What’s the point: JetBrains says EAP on IntelliJ, CFEngine’s next LTS, Percona enhances PostgreSQL, GitLab fixes regression

What's the point

JetBrains has shipped a second Early Access Programme build of the latest version of its IntelliJ IDE product, ahead of its official 2019.3 release. The latest build promises a “huge pack” of fixes and improvements. These include a variety of usability improvements to the “compare with current” view. Scroll bars have been improved to make them more visible. Search has been tweaked to allow users to search only a selected area. Gradle support has also been improved.

CFEngine goes 3.15.0

CFEngine has shipped a beta of v3.15.0 of its eponymous configuration tool. 3.15 is the next long term support release of CFEngine. “Notable” changes include dropping Enterprise Hub support for Ubuntu 14.04, Debian 7 and RHEL 6, while agent support is dropped for CentOS/RHEL 5 and Debian 7. The platform adds support for RHEL 8, and improved workflow for CoreOS. There are also promised improvements to the Mission Portal UI, while the upcoming version also gets Federated Reporting, the first LTS release to do so.

Percona pops out PostgreSQL

Percona has shipped its own “enhanced distribution” of PostgreSQL for “customers that want enterprise-class support for applications”. Percon’s distribution is based on c11.5 of PostgreSQL, and bundles in tools include pg_repack, pgaudit, pgBackRest, and Patroni.

GitLab fix

GitLab has shipped v12.1.11 of its Community and Enterprise Editions. The update fixes a critical regression in last week’s 12.1.9 release. The company said upgrading shouldn’ve involved any new migrations or downtime.