What’s the point: Weaveworks debuts K8s tool, GitHub tweaks actions, GitLab patches, Spring integrates

What's the point

Weaveworks has released WKSctl, an open source tool for installing and managing Kubernetes. WKSctl has three key aims: creating clusters; cluster verification; and setting up GitOps. The firm says it will work with upstream Kubernetes and your choice of Linux and provisioning tools. The tool is also part of the Weaveworks Kubernetes Platform, the London-based firm’s policy and cross cloud management and automation tool.

GitHub gives you a grip on Actions

GitHub has added a trio of new settings governing Actions, its automation tool. Admins can choose to enable local and third party Actions, allowing the use of Actions from “anywhere in the GitHub community. Alternatively, they can restrict users to local actions only, which requires all Actions to be vendored directly into the repository with the workflow that references them. Or they can choose to completely disable actions altogether, which GitHub says “is useful for organizations that are not yet ready to use Actions or have a different service for CI/CD.”

GitLab sews up patches

GitLab has shipped a patch release – 12.3.4 – fixing a range of issues in this month’s 12.3.0 release. These include four issues spanning its Core, Starter Premium and Ultimate editions, and three affecting just the Starter, Premium and Ultimate editions. The fixes shouldn’t mean any new migrations, or any downtime.

Spring unveils Autumnal Integrations

Spring has shipped Spring Integration 5.2.0, along with the 5.1.8 maintenance release. V5.2.0 adds RSocket Support, and a message handler to produce window or buffer results based on the Project Reactor Flux grouping and windowing functionality.  The JSR223 scripting module now supports Kotlin scripts,  while the FTP and SFTP modules now provide an event listener for certain Apache Mina FTP/SFTP server events.