Pivotal and Microsoft put Spring in Azure setup

Pivotal and Microsoft put Spring in Azure setup

Microsoft and Pivotal have unveiled Azure Spring Cloud, a service to simplify deployment of scalable Java applications on Redmond’s cloud.

Azure Spring Cloud is a serverless, micro-services platform pre-tuned and integrated with Microsoft’s cloud. The idea is you can build, deploy and scale your Spring apps atop Azure’s elastic architecture without needing to first wade through the infrastructure set up.

The service is available as private preview here with public preview planned before the year’s end.

It comes with out-of-the-box support for logs, metrics and application tracing via Azure Monitor. Other features include integration with Cosmos DB, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Cache for Redis along with enterprise-grade authentication using Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory.

Aside from Spring Cloud, the new service also includes kpack resource controllers for Kubernetes and the Azure Kubernetes Service – Microsoft’s fully managed Kubernetes service.

Microsoft Azure corporate vice president John Montgomery said in a blog here the proposed new service wouldn’t simply make it easier to deploy and operate Spring Cloud on Azure but that it would do so for your “most demanding applications.”