What’s the point: JetBrains blasts out IntelliJ IDEA, GitLab users on Lambda, HashiCorp serves up mugs, Django hits 3.0

What's the point

JetBrains has shipped IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3, promising faster startup by parallelising some previously sequential instructions and reorganising classes. It also claims better US responsiveness and reduced memory consumption. The new version offers dynamic plugin installation, meaning plugins can be loaded and and unloaded without restarting the IDE. Also new is “rich coding and navigation assistance” for Micronaut, Quarkus, and Helidon, and support for “the common Java HTTP client APIs such as java.net.URI / URL, Retrofit v2, OkHttp v3, as well as client libraries of popular server-side frameworks”. There are also, naturally a stack of bug fixes. Full details are here .

GitLab users use Serverless for…Serverless

GitLab’s users have given a thumbs up to using AWS Lambda in production, according to the DevOps vendor’s survey on the topic. The survey covered 58 respondees, of whom over three quarters were software developers, with 22 per cent being ops engineers. A touch over 89 per cent were using Lambda in production, with 7.3 per cent using it only for back office scripts, and the remainder using it on a hobby basis. Over half had been using the AWS serverless platform for over a year. The Serverless Framework was the most popular framework, being used by 34.9 per cent of respondees, with the AWS CLI coming in second on 26.7 per cent, and Terraform grabbing 17.4 percent. AWS’s SAM took 14 per cent, with the balance accounted for by a range of smaller players.

HashiCorp targets sweaty coffee drinkers with online store


HashiCorp has hit a long anticipated milestone, with the opening of its very own merchandise store for those who prefer to pay for their swag rather than surreptitiously slipping it into their rucksack at conferences. The purveyor of cloud native infrastructure tools is now also the purveyor of hoodies, t-shirts and mugs. The hoodies and tshirts are available in both straight cut and fitted cuts – though you can call them men’s/unisex or women’s cuts if you wish. The mug comes in one size and cut, though the company does, perhaps unwisely, promise that it makes coffee taste better.

Django shoots out v3.0

The Django software framework has hit v3.0. The web framework now supports Python 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8, with the 3.2.x series being the last to support Python 3.5. New features include MariaDB and ASGI support, and a new ExclusionConstraint class enables exclusion constraints on PostgreSQL. There are also a number of backwards incompatible changes and deprecations. Full details are here.

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