HashiCorp makes Terraform easier…in the cloud


HashiCorp has moved it make its TerraForm infrastructure as code tool easier to use – on the cloud at least.

HashiCorp launched TerraForm Cloud back in September, building on its Cloud Remote State Management release earlier in 2019.

The company said last week that it was introducing a brace of user management improvements after initial feedback on the Cloud service.

Firstup, it has added the ability to invite a user via an email. The function is in the organisation settings and allows an admin to add a user using their email, and to choose which organisation they can join. The function works for all users, “regardless of whether they have Terraform Cloud accounts already or are new and must create accounts.”

The second new feature allows users who are part of multiple organisations to choose which organisation they would like to view. Meanwhile, the “users” page serves up the total number of users in a system, making it easier to keep track of how many users you are paying for. The page also allows users to be searched for. Users can also be removed from an organisation – or organisations – via this view.

The Terraform Cloud changes follow the unveiling of support for a raft of AWS services launched at the cloud giant’s re:Invent conference last week.

These include support for Amazon VPC Ingress Routing, which aims make integration network and security appliances easier. Terraform has also added support for Amazon EKS for AWS Fargate.

And HashiCorp said that users can use TerraForm to manage the Lambda Provision Concurrency pre-warmed instance service the cloud giant announced last week.