Serverless dips toes into CI/CD

Teams still troubled by the thought of continuously integrating and deploying their serverless functions might find help in a new CI/CD offering by the folks behind Serverless Framework.

The new capability is part of the three-tired Serverless Framework Pro and is advertised as a way “to focus on developing and deploying often” instead of spending ”too much time […] on managing the CI/CD pipeline”. To be more precise, it allows the automatic testing and deploying of services out of GitHub.

According to its announcement, Serverless CI/CD supports staging by associating deployment profiles with different stages. The profiles use Serverless Framework Pro features like access roles, output variables, or parameters to make sure the right environment and configurations are chosen during deployments.

Serverless CI/CD comes with preview deployments allowing users to automatically test every pull request before deploying them, and branch deployment “to deploy all commits from a branch to a specific stage”. Teams that want to keep the number of re-deployments to a minimum, can compile a list of trigger directories to make sure only changes to those lead to service deploys.


Serverless CI/CD currently only works for projects using the Node.js or Python runtime, although this is promised to change soon. The same goes for the cloud service providers, since for now the offering is only of use to those looking to deploy their service on AWS. The tight coupling with GitHub also means that Pro subscribers need to have their Serverless Framework project checked into the repository management service to make use of the new capabilities.

A getting started guide detailing how teams have to link all of those components can be found in the project’s documentation. The CI/CD isn’t restricted to paying customers, by the way, but free tier users will have to make do with one concurrent build only.

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