Spring gives cloud portfolio a slight refresh

Springs by Tanison Pachtanom via Shutterstock

Pivotal’s Spring portfolio for modern Java development got a couple of updates pushing projects like Cloud Data Flow and Cloud App Broker forward.

Cloud Data Flow, for example, hit v2.4, bringing an updated Stream Editor to the product aimed at creators of data streaming or processing microservices. UI changes aside, tasks can now be scheduled via the shell, error handling and the Task Java DSL have been improved and the audit functionality is able to track platform information. 

The tool’s Maven Resolver infra now facilitates Maven Wagon transport to realise things like preemptive authentication when used in combination with other tools. Meanwhile, Data Flow family projects have gotten a parent pom in spring-cloud-dataflow-build to improve dependency handling. 

Some of the integration tests have found a new home in docker and docker-compose, to be useful for checks that aren’t specific to certain environments.

Cloud App Broker 1.1.0.M1, which is now available as well, mainly contains fixes and upgraded dependencies, but also allows devs to use custom configuration to inject custom BrokeredServices amongst other things. The tool is meant to help with building Spring Boot apps implementing the open service broker API to run on cloud native platforms.

Speaking of dependency updates, newly released Spring Session Dragonfruit-M1, Corn-SR1, and Bean-SR9 are mainly made up of those as well. Corn however also got some additions to the documentation and a minor performance enhancement which reuses already parsed expressions in PrincipalNameIndexResolver.

Lastly, the Spring Cloud team put the fifth and final scheduled service release of the Greenwich release train out in the open. Its most important change seems to regard Spring Cloud Commons. In it, each PropertySource is now added individually to an environment, which should make merging lists from YAML less error prone.