JetBrains pops selenium for IntelliJ IDEA testing boost


JetBrains has announced improved IDE support for Selenium, the widely used Java testing framework.

The Czech based vendor said initial support for Selenium came in the shape of a Selenium UI Automation Testing plugin, in the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 Ultimate. Ultimate is the paid version of IntelliJ.

The new plugin would support “the most popular JVM frameworks for UI testing and reporting libraries: Selenium, Selenide, Geb, Serenity BDD, and Allure Framework.”

Other enhancements will include a new project wizard, highlighting, inspections and code completion in tests for Java/Kotlin/Groovy languages, validation for various configuration files, and icons “in the gutter” for easier navigation.

The plugin will not be bundled, the vendor added, meaning some installation hoops must be jumped through. Once they are, users can create a UI test project from the new project wizard, and are able to specify the JDK, build tool, test runner, language and further test libraries.

Built tool options include Maven or Gradle, and supported languages include Java, Kotlin and Groovy.

It’s been a busy week for JetBrains, with the release of the IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 beta, which adds support for Java 14 – in line with the official GA of the language.

It also issued IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3.4, which fixes 25 bugs and regressions. The vendor highlighted a number of “important” fixes, including incorrect large font and vertical spacing in the project tree, a regression that cause unresolved symbols after switching branch, and ensuring commit actions are no longer disable on a commit of a deleted file.