What’s the point: OpenShift automates for RHV, Azure extends time for DB capacity, Spring 5.2.5, Qt beta

What's the point

Red Hat has announced that OpenShift 4.4 now offers full-stack automation for Red Hat Virtualization. OpenShift’s full-stack automation options already included Azure, Google Compute Platform and Red Hat’s own OpenStack, “allowing customers to deploy OpenShift clusters across different clouds and even on-premises with the same fully automated experience.” The only previous option for using RHV was OpenShift’s ‘bare metal’ installation experience, where there existed no testing or integration between OpenShift and the underlying infrastructure.

Azure looks ahead three years

Microsoft has announced that Azure users can now reserve capacity for a number of database platforms for up to three years. So, if you’re a fan of MySQL or PostgreSQL you can apparently save up to 65 per cent compared to regular pay as you go customers. MariaDB users are able to save up to 49 per cent compared to usual prices.

It’s crackerjack time as Spring says it’s 5.2.5


Spring has announced its eponymous Framework has hit v5.2.5, bringing over 50 fixes and improvements, as well as support for Java 14. The improvements include better performance of StringUtils#cleanPath, optimised global advisor registration in ProxyFactoryBean, and multipart/related support in the SpringWebclient. Users also get support for byte-range requests in Servlet Functional endpoints. There are 14 bug fixes, including a bug that meant Spring generated a “huge callstack for async requests”. And, following the usual pattern, users can now look forward to the imminent release of Spring Boot 2.2.6.

Qt says it’s 2 beta

Qt has released a second beta of Qt 5.15.0. There are a number of issues to be fixed before the final release candidate – you can see a list of these here. A further beta is expected early next month, with the final product due out in late May.

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