What’s the point: AWS Fargate hits 1.4, Sysdig gets deeper into IBM Cloud, Google’s SRE tome, Nomad and Go updates

What’s the point: AWS Fargate hits 1.4, Sysdig gets deeper into IBM Cloud, Google’s SRE tome, Nomad and Go updates

AWS has released v1.4 of its Fargate Platform. The revamp of the serverless compute engine brings support for Amazon Elastic File System endpoints, which enables applications that require data persistence and shared storage by mounting EFS volumes inside your Fargate task. Tasks now get a 20GB ephemeral volume – twice the previous limit. Network performance metrics are now available through CloudWatch Container Insights, while Network stats are available via the Amazon ECS Task Metadata Endpoint version 4

Sysdigs around even further in IBM Cloud

Sysdig and IBM have expanded their almost two year old partnership to cover all IBM Cloud Services. The companies said the deal will include “monitoring of performance for resources where an agent cannot be installed, such as managed offerings like database services or cloud storage” and means users can get a single view of metrics across Big Blue services as Event Streams, Cloud Databases, Cloud Object Storage, and Cloud Foundry. The expanded service will be available across all six IBM Cloud multi-zone regions.

Google wants you to curl up and read

Google knows you’re cooped up at home, so it’s released some light reading matter for you. “Building Secure and Reliable Systems” is written by Heather Adkins, Betsy Beyer, Paul Blankinship, Ana Oprea, Piotr Lewandowski, Adam Stubblefield, and is a companion piece to The Site Reliability Handbook. More importantly, perhaps, it’s available for free, compliments of Google Cloud.

Nomad 0.11 goes GA

HashiCorp has announced general availability of Nomad 0.11, its workload orchestrator. The latest version includes support for the Container Storage Interface, albeit in beta, and a technical preview of the HashiCorp Nomad Autoscaler, which promises the ability to automatically scale workloads running on a Nomad cluster. Also new are the ability to set task dependencies, execute commands in a running allocation via the Nomad UI, and, for enterprise customers, audit logging.

Go announces updates

The Go team have released a brace of updates to the Google spawned language. Go v1.14.2 and v1.13.10 are described as “minor point releases”. Both include fixes to the go command, the runtime, os/exec, and time packages. Full details here