What’s new in the cloud: Grafana Metrics Enterprise, KubeEdge, Kong, Docker Enterprise and Desktop

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Analytics and monitoring tool provider Grafana has updated its enterprise portfolio by adding a little something for the Prometheus crowd. The new product is called Grafana Metrics Enterprise and advertised as a Prometheus-as-a-Service product to provide a centralised, horizontally scalable, replicated architecture which should help in managing and maintaining Prometheus implementations.

The service is built upon the open source project Cortex, which was only recently able to celebrate its move into the CNCF incubator. Cortex looks to offer users horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant, long term storage for Prometheus, which are also the qualities it brings to the Grafana Metrics Enterprise table. The Grafana team, meanwhile, added features like instance management, centralised authentication, an alerting UI, and customer support to the mix.

Coming up, usage insights and “fine-grained access control within and across instances” are planned to make their way into the service, which should make it even more interesting. Pricing information for the new service is only available on request for now.

KubeEdge joins CNCF incubator

KubeEdge, a system for application orchestration and device management on edge hosts, has been accepted into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubator. According to its maintainers, the Kubernetes based project aims to address network reliability between the cloud and edge, as well as resource constraints, and scalability challenges. As part of the incubator it will receive some help with marketing work and get support with whatever else is necessary to promote the project’s visibility (and therefore adoption) and maturity.

The KubeEdge team also recently released version 1.4 of the project. Highlighted features included metrics-server support for metrics collection across cloud and edge, EdgeNote certificate rotation, and some API upgrades to improve device management.

Kong for Kubernetes 0.10 learns about Ingress

Kubernetes Ingress controller Kong for Kubernetes is now available in version 0.10. The recent iteration of the open source tool includes initial support for the Ingress resource that hit general availability in Kubernetes 1.19, and improved handling of ingress.class. The Kong team also introduced structured logging, an approach that separated log data from the format for more flexible information display.

Docker Enterprise comes after Kubernetes users with new Container Cloud

New Docker Enterprise home Mirantis has extended the brand by launching Docker Enterprise Container Cloud (DECC) – and going after the Kubernetes user base. The new service is meant to provide “continuous lifecycle management for the full stack of K8s and related technologies covering OS, container runtime, networking, storage, service mesh, image registry, and more” across providers and infrastructure domains. A configurable API is part of the package as well, so that admins can give developers a safeguarded way to create and manage Kubernetes clusters. It isn’t the first foray into Kubernetes for Mirantis as it also tends to this technique via its own Cloud Platform.

Docker Desktop adds cloud integration

Meanwhile Docker Desktop for Windows got an update, fitting the Docker CLI in version with a new cloud integration. The new capability lets users run containers on either Amazon ECS or Microsoft Azure Container Instances straight from the command line, which fans of scripting will surely appreciate.