What’s the point: Puppet Comply, Qt 6.0 beta, cf-for-k8s, Prometheus, and Kata Containers

What's the point

Compliance seems to be on many DevOps tool providers’ minds these days and Puppet is no exception. To address the issue, the company has now introduced a compliance as code tool Puppet Comply to its portfolio. 

The not yet generally available product was made to help organisations automate policy enforcement for compliance across hybrid infrastructures and provide reports for audits as well as ways to identify and remediate compliance failures.

Qt devs get back on track with 6.0 beta

In order to stick to the original plan and get Qt 6.0 on the road before Christmas, the Qt team decided to keep the alpha period brief and has now made a beta available for the upcoming major release. In v6.0 the toolkit for cross-platform app GUIs will see some enhancements to its modelling language QML, such as strong typing and private methods, and better C++ APIs. An overhaul of the graphics stack has been due as well, so users can finally make the most of modern graphics APIs.

Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes turns production ready

Cloud Foundry users who have been waiting to get the cloud application platform up and running on container orchestration system Kubernetes can now jump over to the project’s cf-for-k8s repository and download stabilised v1.0 of Cloud Foundry For Kubernetes. The tool has gained the capability to accept one or more app log destinations, input value files now support PEM encoded certificates, and the CNB builder is able to use cnb-full stack images and includes the paketo ruby buildpack.

Prometheus 2.20 says bye to APIv2


The Prometheus team recently pushed out version 2.22 of its monitoring tool. As previously hinted at, the major change in this release is the removal of the experimental gRPC API v2. However, the UI has also been lavished with a bit of love, so that it now sports a “Collapse all” button on the targets page, and is more clear about the state of an alert. In addition, the team fixed a couple of issues with regex matching and the promtool, and added a way to better handle unknown WAL record types.

Kata Containers gets new container agent, goes mono-repo

Kata Containers is looking to provide a “standard implementation of lightweight Virtual Machines (VMs) that feel and perform like containers, but provide the workload isolation and security advantages of VMs”. Version 2.0 has just been released and brings a rewritten Kata-agent to reduce memory overhead and the attack surface. 

Version 2.0 also introduces a monitoring component and an agent-ctl, which will help to validate the agent API. Devs who found the project’s former structure a bit confusing will be interested to learn that it is now housed in a consolidated repo, which includes all old code and document repositories.

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